Another entire day in my house, well apartment, I only left the apartment twice with the excuse to take out the trash but I just wanted to get out and walk a little. I was in here all day doing homework again. I had no distractions, except my lack of attention span, but apart from that I was able to work on my project all day.

My project consists of making a timeline of a Puerto Rican who has done something important in Puerto Rico. I chose my great grandfather who was a professor at the Drama Department of the University of Puerto Rico. He was an amazing scenographer and he was known by a lot of people because he created the “carromato” (van) on the Rolling Theater, where the university brought plays to different towns around Puerto Rico.

My great grandpa designed a stage they built into a van that they could drive across the island, open up and have a stage right there; there was no need to rent a venue for the play. As well as working on that, he also designed the scenery for about 100 plays, maybe more.

I don’t want to brag, but that was my great grandpa, my “abuelito” as we called him. I always knew he had done this, but I never realized how much he had done and what an impact he had. He was a professor, loved by students, he got a scholarship to get his Masters Degree at Yale, and he designed hundreds of stages for plays.

That’s my great grandpa and I’m glad I got this chance to learn more about him.


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