So here I am, looking for a job again. I’m not unemployed yet, but my boss told me last week that my internship will come to an end soon. I’m still not sure when it ends exactly, but I don’t want to go back into the world without a job after having one for 8 months. 

At least now I have some work experience, which is usually what they say you need to find a job, so maybe I’ll have a better chance at finding something this time. I hope that helps me in some way, but I don’t know if people are hiring at the end of the year or if my experience in public relations will be enough. It’s a little bit scary but at least my boss let me know ahead of time and I can start looking for something.

I want to ask all my followers and anybody else who reads this here in Puerto Rico, for help. Please if you know anywhere where there is a position or they’re looking for people, please let me know. I write, I now have experience in Public Relations, I have worked in doing clerical work such as filing and scanning documents, I have been an office assistant, I’m a blogger,  and I know social media.

If anybody knows about any jobs about any of these or anything else really, please let me know.

Thank you very much!


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