First, the thing I sprained or caused whatever it is that’s bothering me, is my shoulder. I woke up this morning because it was bothering me, well not bothering, it hurt! It was  swollen today too.

So I went to the doctor, a family doctor, and after looking at it and asking me all the questions doctors ask (When did it start hurting? What did you do? Where does it hurt?), she said that nothing is broken but maybe it’s a ligament or something else. She told me to get a X-Ray to see what happened and told me to get some patches to put them on my shoulder. She prescribed that instead of any pain killers because of my epilepsy medicine.

Now I have ice on my shoulder before I put the patch on to sleep. But it feels a little like it did four years ago after the accident and I really don’t want to feel that way. I thought that was over, but I guess I have to be even more careful at what I do.  Maybe this was my own fault for trying to make my own gym routine, but it’s very difficult to go at the time the gym is available to teach me the routine.

I have to figure something out because i’m just sitting in my bed with ice on my shoulder, whining about how my arm hurts.


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