Day five- Not my shoulder

Yesterday the pain was too much. My parents got me Bengay Pain Relieving Patch from the pharmacy and that helped ease the pain while I wore it, but when I took it off, the pain returned.  I couldn't sleep last night, I didn't know if it was my shoulder or if it was too early, … Continue reading Day five- Not my shoulder


My shoulder- Day 3

First, the thing I sprained or caused whatever it is that's bothering me, is my shoulder. I woke up this morning because it was bothering me, well not bothering, it hurt! It was  swollen today too. So I went to the doctor, a family doctor, and after looking at it and asking me all the … Continue reading My shoulder- Day 3

My shoulder… or elbow? IDK, my arm

When you have a metal plate (at least I think that's what it is, please correct me if  I'm wrong) in your arm, you think you're invincible. That makes you kind of a robot and it wont hurt because part of my arm is not bone, right? I keep learning how wrong I was about … Continue reading My shoulder… or elbow? IDK, my arm