Today, March 8th is important for two reasons; first today I celebrate another accomplishment which my neurologist told me I shouldn’t mention because I will curse it so now I’m scared to celebrate the big 23. But today is also International Women’s Day, today is a day to celebrate all of our achievements.

Today we are not divided by race, religion, ethnicity, culture, political views, or anything else; today we are united because we are women, strong women, and in the wise words of  Queen B, “we run the world”.

International Women’s Day has been celebrated for over a century, the first one was on February 28, 1909. There were other movement across the globe in the following years but not on March 8. It wasn’t until 1914 that March 8 became International Women’s Day. It began in 1914 because that year March 8th was a Sunday, but it has been celebrated even since.

This movement promotes equal rights for men and women, it promotes to close the wage gap between men and women. Why is there a wage gap in 2017?

Don’t have an answer? That’s exactly the point, there is absolutely no reason for this. We need to close that gap, we need to be treated equally and that requires each and every one of us, not just women, men too. We need to teach the younger generations that this is not acceptable, we can’t just keep getting lower wages than men just because “it’s always been like that”. No, it’s always been wrong and needs to be fixed.

Our voices need to be heard, either by talking about it, writing about it, or taking action. Today we remember all the women who were brave enough to stand up and fight for our rights. Today we need to keep fighting; not just women but men, girls, boys, everyone.’s_Day





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