It is amazing how inspirational other Brain Injury Survivors are, we all have a story to tell, our own story. We can find it all around us, others just like me who are just working hard everyday to get their lives back. Today I found another inspirational story in an article on The Huffington Post.

The article shares the story of Cristabelle Braden who started writing songs after her TBI to get her feelings out. We all need a way to let it out, mine was and still is writing.

Cristabelle is now an advocate for brain injury and brain injury awareness and support and she just released her fourth album. This album includes songs about her recovery, all written by her.

I just listened to her song, “Hope Survives” and I loved it. It gives you a great feeling seeing other people who have been through the same things you have helping others. It gives you hope and want to keep doing what you’re doing, wanting to keep trying to inspire and help others.

You can find the video along with the article on the link below:

Cristabelle Braden Writes Inspirational Music for Brain Injury Awareness


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