Yesterday was a long day for me, and now I’m paying for that. I started the day at the gym at 8 am, that was the gym without air conditioner in the summer, near desert heat we’re living with in Puerto Rico right now. (The power was out.)

After the gym I came home, changed and headed to the beach, where I was under the sun for about four hours.

Then in the afternoon we took the dogs for a walk, where we tried out their new harnesses. These allowed me to walk both of them at the same time without any problems. They did what I said, did not pull and did not eat anything along the way, it was amazing. I was able to walk with both of them for over an hour and I couldn’t believe they were the same dogs that wouldn’t behave the day before.
If the gym, the beach and walking dogs weren’t enough, I decided to go to the mall with a friend of mine, which means I was out until after 10 pm.

This is not something I do anymore, I’m usually home by 8.

So this morning I woke up, not wanting to wake up, wondering what the hell happened yesterday? I felt like I had a hangover, which is impossible, but the fact that I didn’t have breakfast, just a little bit of milk, didn’t help at all.

I should have taken it easy yesterday, but I wasn’t tired yesterday. I should have taken into account that I sometimes need more rest than other people, but I never really thought of that until this morning. When I have energy to keep moving and being active I forget that since the brain injury I have to rest once in a while and I shouldn’t feel bad about it; no one should, it’s just life after a brain injury.


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