Yesterday I was invited to join a group Pinterest board called Brain injury group board, where brain injury survivors and caretakers share information to help each other. I was very exited about this and I would like to thank the board creator, Michelle, for inviting me to join the board, as well as the rest of the contributors for helping share your stories and information.

I  have already read a few very interesting articles shared on the board and I hope others read them too. I know I am not going through this alone and it’s very nice to learn that people like me are out there, trying to spread the word and help others too, because this doesn’t stop when you recover. I didn’t just recover and put this behind me, I recovered and I’m ready to help others, just like those other contributors for the board.

Go check out Brain injury group board and help us make a difference and create Brain Injury awareness.




One thought on “Brain Injury group board on Pinterest

  1. Brain injury can feel very lonely, so if this group has helped you with this, then I’m pleased to say it’s already achieving what I hoped it would 🙂
    But I know there must be more stories out there, so if anyone else has a blog about their experience we want to know about it.

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