Looking back to my blog post on June 14, 2015, I found that it was very short, pushing people to just keep moving. At the moment I was talking about walking, running, swimming, and I still encourage people to do this, but now I’m thinking I should get moving to do something with my life.

Right now I’m stuck in one place, trying to find a job, trying to get more readers for my blog, trying to write, but that’s it. The two interviews I had on my birthday week were a huge disappointment, not getting a call back for either one, even the one they told me they would call everybody back. I do get new followers on my blog every now and then (thank you for following), but I have not seen an increase in blog views, instead I have been getting less views. I try to be as constant with my blog posts as possible, or at least post something on my blogs social media account so my friends and followers know I’m still here.

I am doing my best to stay positive, as I always do, because I know something will turn up soon, well I hope. I have always been able to find something, but by now I should already be doing something with my life; I’m 27 years old, seizure free, a college graduate and I’m just watching my friends moving on while I’m just here.

I am not complaining about my life because I could not be more thankful for everything my family has given me, but this is not what I worked so hard for four years in college and those two years in therapy for.

I don’t know what else to do but ask for people’s help, whether you are in Puerto Rico or not. I can work online or freelance and if you can, share my blog posts.

Please and thank you!



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