What a great weekend! We stayed at an Airbnb which was better than a hotel; it was a huge house at walking distance to the beach. Because it was a beach house, it had 4 one-person kayaks, and at first I was doubting going on one because I didn’t know if I would be able to keep up. I remember going on a kayak when I was younger and getting tired really fast; kayaking is not easy, but in the end I decided to go.

So after being able to get on, which was not easy because of the waves, we started paddling, my mom, stepdad and I. They were both ahead of me as I was trying to get the hang of it and get comfortable in the kayak. By the time I really started paddling, I was the last one, they had both gotten ahead of me, so I started to paddle faster. Before I knew it, I was able to catch up and I wasn’t even tired yet.

It really wasn’t as difficult or boring as I remembered; I was having fun, feeling like I was flying over the water, but kayaking had never been that much fun for me. My mom loves it, she loves it ever since my grandpa got a kayak, she was the one who used it the most. It was always her and my brother using the kayak, that wasn’t really my thing, but I loved it this weekend. I even got competitive, wanting to beat everyone to the shore, even though nobody thought it was a race.

*By the way, the water was not dirty, it was brown because there is a river near by and it had been raining.

I don’t know if I’m stronger now, if it was all the physical therapy, or if there really wasn’t that much wind this weekend but for whatever reason, I want to do it again.



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