I want to share the motivating story of a brain injury survivor who has made it her mission to help others by sharing her story and information about Brain Injury.

So meet Michelle Munt, who was in a car accident in 2014 on her way to work as a truck hit the back of her car and was slammed into the crash barrier. She had to be taken on air ambulance to the Royal London Hospital, where she was treated for a Brain Injury for ten days, while struggling with speech and memory problems. She also had to wear a neck brace and learn how to walk again because of nerve damage to her left foot. In addition to that, like otherBrain Injury survivors, she was tired all the time and had trouble doing simple things on her own, like washing her hair.

After she was sent home from the hospital, on crutches to help her balance and walk, she had occupational therapy in the house. The therapy helped her regain balance she had lost and therefore had no coordination.

She also talks about the importance of caretakers after a Brain Injury and how her partner was with her every step of the way, even when she was having those extremely grumpy and moody moments, which are normal for all Brain Injury survivors. With help from her partner and therapists, Michelle has been able to change her life, she has become a Brain Injury blogger (Jumbled Brain) providing tips and information she has learned while doing research about Brain Injury. She has been invited to write for major blogs in the U.K. and created a group board on Pinterest to share news to help other brain injury survivors and care takers.

Her inspiring story shows how events like this can open a new path for you, blogging, and even being asked to contribute on other blogs. It is what you make of it and how you can learn to live a new life with this new you.

I’m no longer afraid because this has shown me I’m stronger than I thought. So bring it on.– Michelle Munt



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