I have decided, many different times, that I will write my book and self-publish it but I don’t get around to doing it. I’ve had a million ideas, I have started a million times and I have enough time to do it, but something keeps stopping me. Maybe it’s fear, maybe it’s pressure or insecurity; there’s a million possibilities, but I know I can do it and I need to stop wasting time. 

I know I have my whole life ahead of me, but there’s nothing holding me back now, just my fear and distractions which are just an excuse. I started working on something right after my accident but that’s gone due to my computer dying on me, so I’ve been trying to get something back but I just haven’t gotten that one brilliant idea that will make my book a best seller, or at least sell a few copies. I know I can get over my fears and concentrate on writing, I am a writer after all. I do it every day for my blog; now I do it for two blogs (btw, I started a second blog called My dogs and me, check it out).

So, when will I start my book, or books? I can self publish it with the help of Amazon, I just need to get the story and write it down on paper, or Microsoft Word, which is more likely.

I’m unstoppable, I can do this!


4 thoughts on “My book

  1. I think that you should just go for it! You have a lot to offer, and can bring some peace and hope to those that go though anything similar to what you went through! I think that you can get a lot of information from family and friends as well as your experiences in getting though all. Your story is quite inspirational to anyone, and also because angels worked hard to save you. Go for it, you got this!

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