Remember how my neurologist told me I could cook now that I’ve been seizure free for two years? Well, I’ve really wanted to cook again, but apart from making Ropa Vieja that time, I haven’t really made anything else, but I really, really wanted to make rice and beans.

Before, I was in no hurry to make it since my mom made it for Jose and me, but since Jose was diagnosed with celiac disease, he can’t have it anymore. It’s really not fair for me to ask her to make one meal for me and another for the two of them, especially since Jose really, really likes it, so I was planning on trying to make it again this summer, but summer came and went and I didn’t make anything.

I have no problem making the rice because that’s just 15 minutes in the microwave, I can do that in my sleep, but the beans, I forgot how to cook that. Before the accident I could also cook the beans in my sleep, but not so much now. I didn’t remember that you really don’t need any recipe because it’s all in the can. When I heard that I decided to stop waiting for someone to be there to give me instructions and just do it myself.

This morning I woke up with a craving for rice and beans and I was ready to make rice and beans for lunch. Before I started I had to check that I had all the ingredients, at least the main ingredients.


I had the things I remembered, there are some other things like garlic, ham and other stuff but I like my beans as simple as possible.

Olive oil- check

Tomato sauce- Check

water- Check

Sazón- Check

Red Kidney Beans- Check

Rice- Check

So I heated the oil but I forgot to check what time I threw it in, when I thought it should have been hot enough, I threw in the rest of the ingredients and let it boil. It quickly started boiling, I wasn’t sure how long it should boil or if I should immediately turn the heat down to simmering and then back up to medium just in case.

I started serving the chicken and the rice, waiting for the beans to give me some signal that they were ready. There really was none but I hadn’t set the timer for ten minutes like the recipe said; I just served them when I had everything else served and ready.

At the first taste, it tasted very good, I was surprised but as I kept eating I started to notice that they really didn’t have that much taste, they were missing something. I was sure I had included everything, I even threw in a little salt when I was cooking, just in case because it seemed a little tasteless when I took a little taste and I thought that would be enough. But I forgot the cubitos (powdered chicken bouillon) and sofrito, which made a big difference.

In the end, they may not have had enough taste, but I made rice and beans! Finally! I did it all by myself. Now I know I can do it, I just need to remember to use all the ingredients, but I’m full and I have leftovers.



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