This time last year I was celebrating having received three months worth of my anti seizure medicine for the first time thanks to Sonexus Health Pharmacy. Today I received another one and have been getting help from them for the last year through their patient support services.

I don’t think I have words to describe how much it means to me and my family the help they provide us, not only financially, but knowing that I always have it with me and have not been afraid of not having medicine or how to pay for it in the last year. After having issues with health insurance last year, this service was like a dream come true, and it still is. I still can’t believe a pharmaceutical provides this service.

Every three months I call and every three months a different person answers, each of them being maybe nicer and more patient than the person from the previews month. I can’t help but always thank them for being so nice, helpful and respectful. I also always let them how helpful this program is because it is always nice to hear you’re doing a good job, positive reinforcement also helps people keep up the good work and I believe that when something is good and well done it deserves recognition.

I should also congratulate and thank FedEx because they always delivers the packages on time, the day I was told they would when I called Sonexus. I also get reminders via text message the day before so I am alert that I am receiving the package the next day, I get a link to track my package online and everything is always in one piece; nothing had been broken or tampered with.

Sonexus Health Services LLC, keep it up because this type of trustworthy and organized service can save a lot of lives. It has been very helpful and reassuring knowing that I can trust you with this.

Two years and counting seizure free!




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