One of our routes while walking our dogs include crossing an avenue. We cross it  on a curve where it’s clearly marked for crossing and where we can see if cars are coming. I always take my time making sure there are no cars coming or that a car has stopped to let us cross. 

This specific part of the walking route, where we have been walking for years, used to make me very nervous and I hated it. As time has gone by I have gotten used to it, we are still very careful, but it doesn’t cause me as much stress as it used to.

A few years ago we were walking with some of my mom’s friends and they took a video of me walking across. Today, my mom took another video of me crossing as I walked my dogs. 

I want to share this video now to show how I have been able to overcome my biggest fear, which is crossing an avenue. When I do this now, I am not only looking out for myself, but for my two puppies too.


2 thoughts on “Facing my fears 

  1. Eres espectacular, todos tenemos temores que pueden llegar a incapacitarnos si los dejamo, si les damos permiso a tomar el control. Siempre he creido que el problema es que queremos soluciones rápidas, cuando te das una herida mientras más profunda, más tarda en cicatrizar, porque hemos de creer que las heridas de nuestra siquis o de nuestra alma son diferentes, creo que son más difíciles.
    Si prisa pero sin pausa has llegado muy lejos, que Dios te bendiga mucho.
    Te quiero, Mariloly♥️🙏🏼

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