It’s not like you have cancer or something

This really hurts my feelings, that someone would have the nerve to say that. No one knows what it’s like to have a brain injury or concussion until they have one, just like no one can know what it’s like to have cancer until they have it. I can’t speak about having cancer because I’ve never had it but I can speak about having a brain injury.

I don’t know if they can be compared, I know they’re not alike, but telling someone their Brain Injury or concussion is not as bad as having cancer is very disrespectful, acting like it’s no bid deal. A concussion is a very big deal and it’s very insulting for someone to tell you that it’s not.

You life changes, your friends change, your future changes and having people act like you’re just making it up, like it’s no big deal, is definitely something you don’t need in your life. Wether it’s a Brain Injury, whatever type of injury, disease or problem you have, no one has the right to compare it to anything else.

Friends are supposed to be there and support you no matter what, wether it’s cancer or a concussion, even if they don’t fully understand what you’re going through.


2 thoughts on “Don’t tell me it’s not that bad

    1. You’re right but if they know much about it they should just not talk about it. We have a saying in Puerto Rico “Calladito te ves más bonito” which I basically translates to “you look better when you’re quiet”, so it’s ok if they don’t know about it, I learned about epilepsy after I started having seizures but if they don’t know they shouldn’t be commenting on it.


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