If there is one thing that really bothers me it’s people taking advantage of help intended for disabled people. I know I have addressed this issue before but it still shocks me that people do it.

Earlier tonight I was at Basking Robbins eating ice cream, obviously. I was seated in front of the windows, looking outside to the parking lot. As I’m scooping into my ice cream I see this car pulling up to one of the two disabled spots in the small parking lot. This car had no disabled sign on anywhere in the car.

I kept eating my ice cream staring at that car. The driver didn’t get out of the car, which made me start to feel bad because maybe there was something wrong. There was nothing wrong, he was just waiting for a woman who was getting ice cream to-go.

That’s just pathetic, using a parking space reserved for disabled people just to wait for someone and not even being someone who needs it. He didn’t even get out of the car, he could have parked anywhere else, there was parking available and if he didn’t want to make her walk he could just pick up at the entrance.

I have never accepted this type of thing, not even before my brief time in a wheelchair. It shows a lack of ability to follow rules and empathy.

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