I have taken yoga a few times and I have to admit it is relaxing, at least way more relaxing than doing any other exercise. I have also done aqua yoga, which is yoga in the water. I like that better because I love being in the water and movements are easier in the water. Apart from that I don’t think I have ever felt the level of relaxation that you’re supposed to feel when doing yoga.

I have been reading about yoga or adapted yoga, which is supposed to be very good following a TBI. This is supposed to help with balance walking speed, flexibility, strength, and endurance. These were all things that therapy helped me with but maybe yoga could be more relaxing way to reach those same results.

With this practice your mind and body should disconnect but I have never been able to do that while doing something that requires so much strength. I have never been able to get my mind to relax while doing the downward dog, my mind has to be there to hold that pose and while my mind is there it is not relaxed.

Adapted yoga is designed for people who can’t get into positions like that, so thye can do them in a chair and do what they can, they are not obligated to go anything they can’t. Maybe if I try some yoga like that I could be relaxed.

But this may be a good option for some patients who don’t want to go through the traditional way of getting therapy. Therapy can be painful but I saw results pretty quickly with intense therapy. I don’t know how long yoga therapy takes but that could be something to look into and get more information on.

Could Yoga Help Rehabilitate Those With TBI-Related Disabilities?


2 thoughts on “Yoga Rehabilitation Therapy

  1. Kiki!
    A mi personalmente me encanta tomar clases de yoga. Soy mucho mas feliz cada dia gracias a la meditacion y a la yoga.
    Dicen que ambas cosas ayudan a re generar las celulas del cerebro. Espero continues con las clases regularmente. Ya nos veremos pronto. Un abrazo, Mari

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