Today was not an ordinary day, it was pretty stressful for me because we we’re car shopping. Nobody was going to buy a car today so we were really window shopping but Jose told me we had to play hard to get to get better prizes. That sounded allright to me, until it came time to do that.

First of all, everyone could have fooled me because I didn’t know anything about the cars we were looking at. Jose, who knows how all that works and knows about buying and selling was playing hard to get and trying to get a better deal. I thought they were going to lose their patience with us, maybe kick us out or telling us to forget about the offer they were giving us. I don’t like seeing people arguing, that’s really stressful for me, I’m kind of a pacifist most of the times. I also felt bad for making people go through all that trouble and then not buying anything, I mean they get paid for making a sale.

In the end I learned that it’s always like that when buying and selling cars, the sales people were ok with that after all that arguing when they smiled, shook hands with us and told us to come back after we thought about it. We still have another day of that tomorrow, I hope it goes better and we can find better deals without fighting.

The new car is for my parents, I’m about to buy a car too but I hope there isn’t any arguing involved. I thought there would be some doubt when I said I wanted to buy my parent’s old car from them after they buy the new one but their response was actually positive. They have some concerns but some of them are the same as mine, like needing driving lessons after not driving for six years. It may sound scary and it is and I have to try my best to not get distracted while still being aware of everything that’s happening around me.

This will allow me to be more free, just to drive myself to doctor’s appointments during the week and even getting a job.


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