Yesterday I watched this weekend’s episode of Saturday Night Live which was hosted by none other than the SNL legend Will Ferrell. I was looking forward to his monologue at the beginning of the show because as anyone would assume from him, I thought it was going to be really funny, but the truth is I was confused at the beginning and when it ended I didn’t find it funny.

I’ll explain why but let me just say this is not a critique or a review on the episode, this is just me saying how I felt about that one monologue. I had read somewhere that he came out one stage after a concussion, which immediately caught my attention. Is he ok? What happened? Did he go to the hospital? How did they let him go on stage like that?

As it turns out, it wasn’t a real concussion but that was part of the act, apparently it was as if he didn’t remember anything, for example he forgot that he had been on the show for like 7 years and hosted it several times after he was no longer a cast member. He was confusing stuff like the musical guest on the show and stuff like that, which would happen to someone who just had a concussion. He even had blood on his head but to me it sounded more like he was making fun of someone who had a concussion, I didn’t really get what the joke was. A concussion or brain injury is no laughing matter. I’m glad that it’s out there in the media and people are talking about it but they should be well informed, not making jokes about what people act like after they have a concussion.

Maybe I felt so uncomfortable with the joke because it hit home, I don’t think being confused, not remembering things well or not remembering them at all is something to laugh about. I don’t think you can laugh about it until you have been through that; I can laugh at my past mistakes and confusion after my TBI but I don’t think people who have not been through this and who have not been through this with me can laugh about it either. You have to had been there or gone through it to be able to joke about it or laugh about it.

A can take a joke and I laughed a lot during this episode, like I do every week, but not during the monologue and  in my opinion this wasn’t funny or the time or place to bring that subject to the table. I don’t know if it was the pain I know that comes with something like that  or some of my still unresolved issues or maybe even something else that I still haven’t discovered, but I don’t think that was the place to joke about that. I did like the open mind about talking about that problem.


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