I want to start off by saying that writing notes on my wall worked, I called the driving instructor this morning and I made an appointment for driving lessons. I have not one, but two driving lessons in February.

Apart from that, as some of you may know there is a Blue Moon tonight, at least in some places as I learned a little earlier. I went up to the roof of the building to see the Blue Moon. When I got up there I was happy to see that I wasn’t the only one who made the trip up there, I saw at least three other people there, looking at the moon.

It was one of those super full moons, very bright and shining up in the dark sky. I don’t know if we will get the eclipse here in Puerto Rico because I haven’t really hears people talking about it, I’ve just read about it, but I’ll be sleeping. We also didn’t actually see blue moon, it was it’s regular color but still impressive how bright it looked. It just reminded me of all the times I want outside to look at the moon with my uncle and cousin in Florida. I hope they went out to see the moon tonight and took pictures; it’s worth going outside to see.


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