I just realized today that I have an appointment with my neurologist in two weeks. My first thought was “this is great, I’m still seizure free”,  but then I remembered that last time I saw my neurologist he asked me why I wasn’t driving yet and seemed disappointed in me. That was back in August and I think he will be even more disappointed if I’m still not driving in February, almost a year after he told me I could get behind the wheel again.

When I saw that I had this appointment I remembered that I still haven’t called the number I got for driving  lessons. I know I had told you that I might be buying my mother’s car and if I do get the chance to buy her car I have to be able to drive it and it has really been too long. I want to re-learn how to drive before my next birthday and be able to tell my neurologist that I have started taking driving lessons. Who knows, maybe I don’t need that many lessons. Is driving a car like driving a bicycle, you never forget it?

I guess in my case this won’t work anyway since my memory is still having it’s issues  but I’m doing the only thing I can like writing reminders on my walls every night so I can see the reminder the next day. So far this method has worked and today I left myself a note to call the driving instructor tomorrow and also to do laundry, I really have to do laundry tomorrow.

Let’s see if this works tomorrow, I think I already mentioned that writing it on my blog is also working as a reminder for me.


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