As you all get ready for the Super Bowl tomorrow I would like to leave you with this great article I found through the  Traumatic Brain Injury Resource Center on Facebook. They usually have interesting articles on information about Traumatic Brain Injury and every now and then I read one about concussions and brain injuries in football players. Today I found a very interesting one called The film the NFL doesn’t want you to see by Shaun King.

This is what the NFL doesn’t want you to know and try to hide from it’s thousands of fans, the repeated Concussions and Brain Injuries the players have while playing football. It’s a scary number, it sounds to me like a majority or players, with scary results sometimes later in life like memory loss, dementia and aggression, among many others.

I encourage you to read this article by a football fan. I am not a fan and have never been because I have always found it very aggressive and have never liked seeing people get hurt, but now that I know it’s not just broken arms and legs but injuries that last a life time and the pain it causes them, their families and friends I am more opposed to it. These injuries are no joke and no matter how much money they give you, that won’t heal what this game has done to you, your mind, body and loved ones. I really can’t understand how people can be ok with making money out of this, out of hurting people.

I found this article very interesting and informative, even for an outsider like me and hopefully fans will like it too.The article is by an actual football fan.



3 thoughts on ““Too many of us are OK with the NFL’s violence, because we don’t know these men.”-Shaun King

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