Good news, my first official driving lesson was a success! The driving instructor was not scared by my driving, he actually said I did pretty well and I had no accidents.

There I was again, sitting in a car with a bumper sticker that said student driver but it was my first real attempt to drive again. I was with a real certified driving instructor, in a car with a break in front of the passengers seat but it’s ok, he only used it like once.

My first lesson took place near a highly trafficked area in San Juan but in a parking lot, which felt safe. To my surprise, I was not scared or nervous, not when I was picked up at my house, when first I sat on the drivers seat or when I started driving. Having said this, I never got up to 10 mph; I’m no dare devil, it was just my first class. I don’t think there was anything wrong with that because the instructor never told me to step on it or anything, in fact today was more of him getting to know what I can do because I told him I used to drive six years ago.

I was able to park the car and park it in between the lines, once with no help, and once with the help of some cones. I was very careful not to hit the cones, even after the instructor told me other students have hit them millions of times, but my goal was to not hit anything. There were a few people in the area, walking in or out and sometimes cars came in or out but nothing to really cause me any stress, except for the big school bus, I was scared of accidentally hitting it.

After driving for almost an hour andI felt like driving for a little longer, the class came to an end. I already have appointments for three more classes, another one later in February and the next two in March. I will share my experience while learning how to drive again and taking all my driving lessons. Hopefully they all go as well as this one and I can go out on the road pretty soon.








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