After learning about Embrace, the epilepsy smart watch, I saw there was an app similar to that for the Apple Watch. Since then I have been looking for the app, and finally found it as well as many others for iPhone.

The 10 best epilepsy apps

They sound great but they remind me of that app I once downloaded to remind me of my taking my medication but then started driving me crazy. The Apple Watch SeizAlarm is not designed to remind you to take anything but to alert others when you have a seizure. However, when I read the reviews I found that some people said that it stopped working for them or said they were having a seizure when they weren’t, which scares me. How does the app know you’re having a seizure, which also bothered me about Embrace but I didn’t find reviews saying that it alerted seizures that weren’t happening. If the Apple Watch and other smart watches can successfully make apps that do what Embrace does, it will really set them apart.


Also, it says that it has a feature that you can easily tell people when you are having a seizure but that doesn’t really sound very real to me because, at least from my experience with seizures, you can’t do anything during a seizure. If you are able to get to that app and tell it to call someone, you can also just press call without having to open an app; both on the smart watches and smart phones.

My epilepsy is controlled but I would still love it if my FitBit was able to tell my family if I was having a seizure.


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