Today I have a lot to say, but I almost didn’t say it because power went out at about noon today. It was returned to some areas early and it is supposed to last up to 16 hours. I’m glad to say the power came back to my house as I after 9.00 pm.

Apart from the blackout, which was just an added bonus, I wanted to talk about my third driving class today. It took place in my grandparents urbanization, which was one of the places where I learned how to drive when I was sixteen. Today we went to parts I really didn’t know that well, because I only know how to get to my grandparents’ house but it was nice looking at all the houses and driving longer distances than just a parking lot.

I drove up and down hills, made U turns, let a few cars who didn’t have patience to drive behind a student driver go by, successfully parked in from of a house between two cars and got out of there without hitting anything.

I had a lot of fun driving around the neighborhood, I actually wanted to keep driving but the hour and a half class had to end sometime and I had to have lunch.

I think I’m almost ready to really drive again by myself and I think my instructor thinks so two because he told me that next time he wants to start in the urbanization but also go out and drive to places nearby like the grocery store. Hearing him say that gave me a little more confidence and helped me believe in my driving skills a little bit more. Being able to drive this time is different than when I was 16 because I already know all this, I just needed to refresh my memory. This is why I haven’t been nervous or scared when another car is near, I already know what to do.

Let’s see how the next class goes and if I do as well as I have so far.

Aside from having a very successful class today it was also great because it was a great beginning to March which is Brain Injury Awareness Month. What can be better than conquering one of greatest fears I’ve had since the moment my life changed?


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