Remember that new job I talked about a month ago? Yes, the one as a blogger. Well that job is still going on and the first post was posted yesterday on LinkedIn.

This post already has several views and likes, which makes me very happy. Seeing that my writing gets any response at all just gives me an immense level of satisfaction.

The fact that it has already reached an audience means a great deal for my boss and her advertising company. This first post deals with asking the right questions to get the information that will help from a focus group, not just the answers you want to hear.

Writing this took a lot of back and forth from my boss and I to turn her ideas and what she wanted into a piece customers would like, relate to and want to learn more about. Working as a team, we were able to create something which seemed new to me, not being something I write about on either one of my blogs, but that we can both be proud of.

I want to thank my boss for giving me this opportunity and I hope the rest of the projects turn out as well as this one.

Expect more from your research


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