According to a post on Facebook from a friend of mine six years ago today I was able to hang on for six hours without a respirator while I was in the hospital, still in coma. That small piece of news brought so much hope to so many people around me and I think, even though I wasn’t awake, I was probably having a party if any part of my mind knew what was going on. I was getting out of there soon!

Later my aunt commented that it was actually almost 25 hours so it was a whole day without a respirator. This was just a few weeks before officially waking up and recognizing what was going on so I was almost there, I just needed a little more time to rest until I faced the tragedy that I was facing.

As I saw that post on Facebook today, I couldn’t help but feel happy and proud of myself, seeing all the progress I made from the very beginning. It was not even a month after the accident but things were already looking like they would be getting better.

It’s hard to believe how much we take something as simple as breathing for granted, because we don’t think we will ever have trouble doing it, until we do.

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