Check this out: Stanford researchers listen for silent seizures with “brain stethoscope” that turns brain waves into sound

This is an article about this pretty awesome thing neurologists at Stanford are developing that allows doctors and nurses to hear a seizure. It’s like an EEG but instead, except EEGs can’t always read every seizure because not all seizures are the same. But this device, the “brain stethoscope” , will translate the electrical activity into sounds.

With the help of Chris Chafe, who has been able to make “music out of climate change data and the carbon dioxide generated by ripening tomatoes.” they able to make music with the brain wave data.

It’s amazing and it’s supposed to be a lot easier to read than an EEG. But I still don’t think just anybody should listen to this because in the video below they show an example of the “brain stethoscope” and, at least for me, it was difficult to listen to. I didn’t like listening to a seizure, even if it wasn’t my own seizure. That’s just me but I don’t think other people, at least epilepsy patients, will like hearing that either.



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