Today was another long day of hard work in my new apartment. I love saying that, my new apartment.It felt like the toughest day so far in this remodeling experiment. Everything hurts, from my toes, to my shoulders. My head doesn’t hurt but I’m still very tired; I really don’t know how I’m typing right now.

My grandpa and my mom took turns cleaning outside with the power hose. This included my white cleaning my front door which is white but pars of it were brown because fungus had started to grow because of the humidity. I just watched amazed as all the dirt started washing out and it slowly turned white again.

I worked inside the apartment, scraping the walls, trying to get them as ready to paint as I could. Apart from having glue and more fungus, there were layers and layers of paint, which didn’t seem to have seen a layer of primer. There were two layers of different green tomes, yellow in some areas, and bone white. In some cases I was able to scrape all of them and get to the concrete. Some of those were the areas where the paint almost slid out just by looking at it. It was too much paint and it was so dull, just scraping a wall. My arms are so tired; they feel like I actually working out, lifting dumbbells or something like that.

After all that hard work, I got some good news. All the tiles in my bathroom need to go; they have formed these sort of bubbles, which could explode any minute. We were going to keep them because I was told those were good tiles and it was retro but I didn’t really like them that much; the more I looked at them, the more I kept wondering how I could decorate. They were green and yellow, but still hadn’t come up with anything that would go with that. Now they have to go so I can go back to planning whatever I want!

We don’t really have a schedule for this, but we want to have most of this finished by the end of summer, or at least before the next hurricane comes and I think we can do this. My apartment is looking pretty good right now, I have a clean door, walls, floor, and a toilet.


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