Today was a big day; first of all, today started the Round of 16 where France played Argentina and Uruguay was played Portugal in the World Cup, and second we were going shopping for tiles for my new apartment. The tiles were more important than the game so I had to put watching the games aside. I didn’t watch the game but I got notifications on my phone and goals were made, France beat Argentina (Yes! Sorry Messi) and Uruguay beat Portugal (Yes! Sorry Ronaldo).


Uruguay v Russia: Group A - 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia

Originally the plan was that, looking at tiles, I thought it would be really difficult to decide on what tiles I wanted for the bathroom but it turns out it’s not that hard when you just want while tiles. I found those and added a bonus kitchen backsplash before lunchtime, so I guess I’m not as indecisive as I thought I was.

Without planning it, we kept looking for stuff for the apartment and now I almost have an entire kitchen, I just need a refrigerator. In fact, I looked at the list we made before we started working on the apartment and I have crossed out everything, all that’s left is to get the walls ready to paint. After we paint and the electrician and plumber are done, I think I can start moving in.

Hopefully I will be able to move in before the end of the summer if everything keeps going so well but I can’t take all of the credit for any of this success, this is all thanks to my family’s effort. They have helped me in everything, from cleaning and fixing stuff in the apartment to getting appliances and tiles.

I don’t know how to thank them but I want to make dinner or lunch for everyone in my kitchen when it’s done. But for now, thank you, thank you, GRACIAS!!!!


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