Having an apartment all to myself is a lot of work, more work than I thought. I knew that after all the work we did this summer it wouldn’t be over yet, I still needed to do somethings to finish, like painting my bathroom door.

I had been avoiding that for days because something always came up, like looking for the right screens for the windows or putting a shelf on the wall.

Today I had no more excuses, if I didn’t paint it today, I never would. I wasn’t even sure if I would be able to do this alone or if I had time to paint the whole door today, but I had to start somewhere. I looked around the box of the many paint tools we have left after the summer where the only thing I found was one small and lonely brush. It was too hot to keep looking for a bigger brush so I thought that would work for now.

I took my little brush, an old bed sheet, a roll of blue tape and a screw driver and headed inside to paint my door. I don’t know if I was painting correctly or not but the door started looking white in no time. To my surprise I was done with one side of the door, including the door frame, before lunch time.

This meant I had no reason not to paint the other side of the door after lunch and I did. My door looks great now, the floor looks a little painted too but that come off so it’s ok.

Aside from my big door painting project, I had big plans for lunch, I was finally going to make rice and beans. I was exited, I was finally going to actually cook a meal. I was hoping it didn’t turn out like the almost disastrous breakfast experience I had while trying to make scrambled eggs. Turns out, I remember how to make scrambled eggs, just not the exact order of the recipe. But my scrambled eggs were good in the end and that’s all that counts.

I can’t say the same thing about my rice and beans. The problem wasn’t the rice, that was fine, it was the beans.

I couldn’t find all the ingredients, so I guessed I could use. Turns out some of the things I used weren’t right for beans and I did have the ingredients I had to use, I just didn’t see them and didn’t remember I had them. Also, I learned that you can’t just add salt to everything to give it flavor and salt is great, just as long as it’s not too much salt.

But I have left overs, I already know how to fix the and make it taste good, as for next time I know what not to use to make rice and beans. As for the door, I think I did a pretty good job, so thats another skill to add to my remodeling resume.


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