Today brought back the memories and feelings of those long days of this past summer when we spent all day cleaning, painting and scraping all the paint we spilled on the floor. Not only was it just as hot as any of those summer days but there I was, painting again. This time it wasn’t in my new home, it was in my old home, which we’re getting ready to sell.

It felt too familiar, painting again, except this time I was filled with paint within minutes, we all were. We don’t know if it was the paint, the rollers/brush or maybe even the walls (could be, you never know), but every time I passed the roll on the wall, the paint would just splash back at me.

It wasn’t me because this happened to all three of us and my mom and I are almost professional painters now, or at least I thought we were. Maybe now I need to rethink adding that to my resume.

After painting for a while and seeing the floor filled with dots of more paint that splattered on the floor, I decided to sit down and try to scrape the paint off the floor. I was tired of painting but scraping paint was no picnic either; there was so much paint and I couldn’t tell what parts I had scraped and what was still stuck on the floor. Some parts were still wet so I would make an even bigger mess trying to get the paint out. I would then have to go get a wet towel to clean it up.

In the end we almost painted the whole apartment in less than a day.

I really can’t believe I was doing that again; I am so tired, just like I was every day this summer. This wont be the last day I do work like this because I still need to fix some parts in my new apartment; I keep forgetting during the day and then remember at night when I see it. I should really write that down because, as I’ve learned over the fast few years, mental notes don’t really work very well for me anymore, I need to leave real notes for myself.

This will be over soon so I can really relax in my new apartment and enjoy it. But I will miss the view we had from the old apartment.


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