As you probably know, there are a few hurricanes lurking around, deciding where they want to attack. We are hoping and praying that nothing comes even close to Puerto Rico because, apart from the fact that no one over likes hurricanes, we are not ready for another one. We still have not recovered from Maria and we fear everything that happened last year.

When both hurricanes hit Puerto Rico last year I was running out of both my epilepsy medicines, Vimpat and Keppra and because the ports were closed nothing could be delivered. Well, now that they’re announcing all of these new hurricanes, none of which are coming here so far, I called the pharmacy because I’m running out of medicine again and I was terrified.

If I wasn’t stressed already, when I called them they told me that they couldn’t dispatch my medicine until they received all the information to renew my application for the Patient Assistance Program, by which I get my medicine. When they told me they hadn’t received everything, it seemed weird because I sent it almost a month ago. Did I do something wrong? Did I forget to send anything?

No, they received the two sections I was supposed to send them, it was the last section the one that they didn’t have, which was the neurologist’s section. There was some miscommunication somewhere and they sent the wrong thing to the pharmacy. Instead of their section of the application, they sent the prescription of the drugs. I was so annoyed, calling the pharmacy, then the neurologist, back to the pharmacy and the neurologist, then finally back to the pharmacy. After all that, I still had to call again today to check if they got everything, so I could ask them to send the doses of both medicines to me.

If nothing goes wrong I will have my medicine here by Thursday and I can sit calmly for another three months.


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