I woke up early this morning, too early if you ask me, but I had to substitute for my mom again today. Today was the second time this month, but it’s the least I can do, I mean she did give birth to me.

So I was still only half awake when we got to school and I remembered I didn’t bring my morning medicine. I played it cool as we turned around to come back home but it didn’t seem like a good sign, for getting to do the most important thing I had to do this morning. Looking on the bright side, at least I remembered before I got there. My day would have been hell if I didn’t; I was tired and without my Zoloft and Ritalin, I would have been so cranky and moody all day.

When I got back, after taking my medicine, I had some breakfast at the cafeteria and some Diet Coke to wake up. After that, my day began and I didn’t just substitute during three classes, which was what I thought was the plan, I did cover for another teacher during the first two periods. I would have complained but that was my favorite teacher when I was in the fifth and sixth grade when I was new in that school, so I couldn’t say no.Mrs. Andino is the best.

After those were done it was time for the first class I was really supposed to substitute. The kids weren’t as good as they were the last time I substituted, but I guess they had not received as many warnings from other teachers as they did last time, or they thought they could get away with it because I’m not an actual teacher. Whatever the reason was, I didn’t let them get away with everything, except they did fool me when they switched seats and a lot of them sat together at one table, when they weren’t supposed to.

But then came last period, last period on a Friday! That was a disaster, that’s when every thought I might have had that I was an ok substitute went down the drain. It was horrible and it was then that I started to doubt my previous thoughts that these kids were actually a good class. It’s not a good class when you have to repeat to them, over and over again to be quiet, that it was individual work and ask them what was going on? Why are you laughing? How did you fall off your seat? Why are you sharing your water bottle? (That got them all laughing but one of them was sharing water from his water bottle with another one).

Needless to say that I am very, very, VERY tired; it’s not even 8:00 and I want to go to sleep. I know I’m also probably more tired because I don’t do this every day but every time I sub and I get to see what a regular teacher does every day I am more amazed by everything they do. I can’t believe they do what they do even though they are so under appreciated. I was in school for one day and I’m dead and they are in school every day and they tutor, go home and grade their students’ work, plan classes, cook, clean, take care of their own kids and families.

They don’t get the credit they deserve and they surely don’t get paid what they deserve. Not everybody can do that, but those who can, deserve a lot more credit and respect than what everyone gives them. They deserve more respect from parents and students and a thank you every once in a while wouldn’t hurt anyone, although I did get a few thank you from some of the students. Those were the good students.

In the end, after one day in school, I’m dead and TGIF!!!


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