This is the best way to show how angry I was six years ago, while I was still in the first stages of my recovery and I saw no way out. There were dark moments, like when I wrote this status update, when I would hit rock bottom, I was angry and would take it out on anyone around me.

That anger did not last all day and when I calmed down I did take some things back. I have never been able to be angry or in a bad mood for so long, I just can’t do it, not even in those dark days when everything sucked. I always found a way to look at the bright side of things.

In the end, I learned a few lessons, including that you always have to work hard, don’t give up, always look on the bright side and both ways before you cross the street.

I couldn’t be mad forever, I would miss out on all the wonderful things that have happened in the last six years.


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