Last week marked the first year since Hurricane María and we have all been looking back at how our lives and our home  changed after María.

Here in Puerto Rico we now talk about our lives in terms of before María and after María. But last week we were all thinking about what really changed Post María, like the streetlights that still don’t work, street bumps that have just gotten worse, houses that are still not fixed because there is no money to repair the damage they suffered and the thousands of lives that were lost.

We recently received the official count of those lives taken by the hurricane and as a result of the hurricane and, even thought some might not agree with it, that’s the number and sadly it cannot be changed. We have also learned that supplies like food and water were not delivered and just sat there in the heat for a year. These could have saved lives.

A year after this life changing monster we just have to look ahead and hope we see a light at the end of the tunnel. Last year we saw as neighbors, friends and even strangers helped each other in times of need, we all got up when we had to but we can’t sit down yet.

via Puerto Rico after Hurricane María 


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