After a very long day yesterday, I have been tired all day, since this morning when I took my medicine at 8 am and went right back to sleep for 2 hours and a half. I was tired last night when I came home and I’ve been tired all day. Because of this I was only able to do two productive things today, set up an interview next week and cook. If I finish and post this, I can add writing this blog post and say did three things.

I still haven’t really figured out how much I can do before I get this tired. I know it’s a side effect from both of the epilepsy drugs I take, but I still don’t know how much I can do before this will hit me and I will be tired the next day. I don’t get this tired everyday and it’s not like I don’t do anything so then I get tired when I do something because I’m not used to it. I have very productive days when I’m fine. I think it’s just those days when I do things out of the ordinary and when I don’t get a break.

We all, epilepsy or not, just need to take a break sometimes to stop, have a drink of water, sit down or stand up (whichever is the opposite of what you were doing before), and just breathe. Also we all deserve a moment to just think about nothing or something stupid, hear a joke and laugh. I really believe that if we take EVERYTHING so seriously and don’t laugh at least once or twice a day, life is just exhausting, so don’t take everything so seriously and try to laugh a little.

I think maybe that’s another reason I’m so tired, everything was so serious yesterday, I didn’t have fun, laugh or get a break to just relax and breathe.

2 thoughts on “Live, laugh and forget you’re tired

  1. Very true. We all need to lighten up and take a break every once in a while. What do you do to relax? Do you have a self care action plan?
    Looking forward to your next post.


    1. I do, I visit a psychiatrist once a month, the neurologist every six months and take all the medicine they prescribe. Following their instructions has worked for me so far, always getting positive tests results that say I’m healthy and having controlled my epilepsy.


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