As I was reading about Epilepsy Month, which will soon come to an end, I found an interesting article about the recently published memoir, A Mind Unraveled. This memoir, by the award winning journalist and best selling author Kurt Eichenwald tells the story of his struggle with epilepsy.

I want to see how somebody else writes about their epilepsy and read about how he dealt with it. Learning you have epilepsy in college, after college or at any point in your life really, is not easy. Writing about it is not easy either. After about three years blogging about it, it gets easier but writing a book about it is very hard. I’ve been trying to do this for years and I still can’t get it right so I also want to learn from this, learn how to put all of this confusion, frustration and fear into words.

More than that, this gives me hope that some day I can make this happen, have a book about my experience.



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