I was very happy to learn that a hospital here in Puerto Rico, Manatí Medical Center, just opened a comprehensive epilepsy unit in an effort to provide reach patients al over the island.

Crean unidad comprensiva de epilepsia para pacientes puertorriqueños

As the article says, the goal of the center is to monitor, diagnose and treat as well as perform surgery in the hospital so the patients don’t have to travel to the states to have surgery. Currently, the unit only has 5 beds for patients but they are hoping and looking for more to be able to provide care for more patients.

The modern and sophisticated hospital not only has equipment to monitor patients for seven days, but they have doctors like epileptologists, neurologists and neurosurgeons. This hospital seems like it has everything to provide the best care for epilepsy patients in Puerto Rico and you don’t have to live in San Juan or go to San Juan to be treated.

I’m sure patients will be in good hands here because my neurologist and epileptologist, who I think is the best neurologist in Puerto Rico, is in charge of this unit. Reading this made me very happy to learn that something is being done to provide more people with proper care for this condition.


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