This weekend I finished reading A Mind Unraveled and I loved it. The author, Kurt Eichenwald, is honest about everything that happens to him during the period of his life when he was undiagnosed or wrongly diagnosed.

It opened my eyes to how this condition affects every one of its victims and it’s different for each and everyone of us. As I read, I tried to look for similarities between my seizures and his and most of the time I found none, but there are similarities in how to respond to seizures and how some people respond to them.

One thing that the Author makes very clear is that you can’t be afraid of them or let them decide how you’re going to live your life. Epilepsy does not limit your life, it just causes a little complication.

I learned a lot from this book and liked it because I understood what he went through. I enjoyed it so much that I really couldn’t or wanted to put it down. I want to thank Kurt for writing it and being so honest. I know it takes a lot of time and it’s not easy. I still haven’t gotten there yet but He helped me see that it’s never too late to tell your story.

Since I didn’t want that book to end, I quickly ordered another one. This one is called The Smile on My Forehead by Jennifer Mosher. This is a memoir about managing life with a Traumatic Brain Injury. I can’t wait to keep reading and see this experience from someone else’s point of view. I can’t wait to see how she can write about her recovery from the TBI.




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