Last night I listened to a podcast on BUCKIT, by Phil Keoghan (he’s the host on the Amazing Race), where he spoke with former NFL player Chris Borland, which was surprisingly very interesting. I say surprisingly because I didn’t know who Chris Borland was before just now, he’s a retired football player, and I don’t like football. But, despite the fact that I don’t like the sport, this podcast caught my interest because he talked about why he left his football career and  as soon as I saw he left the NFL I knew where this was going.

He not only shares his experience with multiple concussions throughout his life, when he was young, playing college football and in the NFL, his decision to retire from the NFL, and he shares information about CTE, and the high number of cases of this in the NFL and other contact sports like Rugby and soccer. He also talks about his plans to educate and help people with brain injuries.

This was all very surprising to me, that he left the NFL, not because he made the wrong decision, on the contrary. I think he made the best choice, by picking his health over money and fame, but not many people are able to give up all that money.

BUCKiT #44-Chris Borland: Former NFL Linebacker Walks Away From Multi Million Dollar Contract – He Talks About His Life Changing Decision



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