That pain in the neck I mentioned last week didn’t go away with the use of icy hot and yoga, and slowly got worse and kept moving up. The pain actually moved from the neck to my head. At first I thought I was crazy but was later told that is was a spasm and apparently they move. I had no idea, this is all new to me.

So after finally getting tired of this, I did what I should have done when my neck started hurting, I called the one person I know who can cure this and make you feel just like new, Debbie. She is a water therapist, was my therapist for about a year after the accident, giving me physical therapy in the pool and has been my grandfather’s therapist for about 3 years. The great thing about water is that you’re floating and are not in contact with anything so it’s easier. The craneosacral therapy can make any pain go away and after only one session I feel a million times better.

A lot of people have told me that this could have happened while I was sleeping but I have a feeling I might have done this to myself working out at home. Maybe I pushed myself too much by doing those videos after a long day at work. I thought I could do this because I already did it once, but I wasn’t working the first time. I need to find something different, maybe a little less intense.

Also, two years after Hurricane María and two weeks after Hurricane Dorian we are once again preparing for a lot of rain and flooding because of Tropical Storm Karen. We were warned to either stay home or leave work at noon to go home.

I hope everyone stays at home or a shelter where they can be safe.

Earthquake Rattles Puerto Rico as Tropical Storm Karen Nears


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