So far October has been exhausting for me; I have been working a lot, which is great but I haven’t had time to relax and sit down and write. I feel like I have been working extremely long hours every day this week but I have only been working for seven hours. That is one hour less than the normal work day so I really can’t complain. I’m a little disappointed right now because I am so tired when I really shouldn’t be.

I shouldn’t feel as if I ran a marathon or pulled an all-nighter after a regular work day, especially when I’m sleeping nine hours every night. And I sleep like a baby.

That being said, I’m still looking forward to the day when my neighbors say they feel like going for a walk after work or the day we get a treadmill. But I’m glad that day is not today, I don’t even want to get up to make dinner today. I just feel like laying on the couch watching TV or writing, or both. I hope that when this day comes I’m not this tired.

I could use some exercise too but while I try to do that at home, I’m the only one doing it. Everyone needs to do something, at least walk, and we used to but stopped after Hurricane Maria. It has been two years, we need to get up and get moving, for us and for Indy and Sandy. At least we need to let them run in the driveway when we’re home, we don’t let them go to the driveway when we’re not home.

Yes, work gets in the way; I don’t feel like doing anything after work, especially after spending five to seven hours making sure the fridges a and displays are fully stocked and everything is clean but that’s life. Its moments like this, when I’m laying on the couch that I have to remind myself that I am still unstoppable but being unstoppable doesn’t mean I can’t stop and rest for a while, but I have to get back up and do it all again tomorrow.


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