I think we all have that one thing in our house that we need to do, but we just never get around to doing it. For some it’s fixing a window or a door, for others it’s fixing a fan or changing a door handle. It’s always something that we know we have to do but we don’t have the time, we forget or honestly, we just don’t feel like doing it.

Well I had one of those in my house, I had to paint the gate on my front door. We didn’t paint it when I moved in because I didn’t know what color I wanted to paint it, I just knew I wanted a bright color.

I finally went to the paint store, picked a color and put the bucket on a table next to my couch so I wouldn’t lose it or forget about it. This was months ago and I never picked it up until today when I decided I might as well do it if I had nothing else to do.

(The camera pensé on my phone is scratched)

But when I decided to do this I thought it would be more or less like painting a wall because I thought it was the same kind of paint. When I started to paint today I realized that I was using oil based paint instead of water based paint which we used on the walls. Oil based paint lasts longer and is used for things that take beatings, like furniture, doors and gates.

I didn’t know that oil based paint is also very hard to wash off. I tried water and soap to wash the paint off my skin and nails but I couldn’t get my hands clean until I used nail polish remover. I actually didn’t mind because I had to remove my nail polish anyway so I killed two birds with one stone.

Now, I finally have a gate that doesn’t look old and abandoned, it’s actually very bright but it goes with all the other colors I have in my apartment.

Now I just need to paint over all the orange paint I got on my wall.

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