Since we were very young, my brother and I have loved reading, which later led to writing. Just like me, my brother really enjoys writing. He is almost done editing his first book Mangle and its prequel Ramitas, a short story collection that will be published before the novel. They are set to kick off a historical fantasy epic series, set around the 16th century in Puerto Rico during Spanish colonial times.

He has been doing so much research and writing and rewriting, I can’t wait to read it, but in the meantime all I can do is read what he has written for his blog El Cayito. This blog shares historical facts about Puerto Rico, in a creative voice, which doesn’t feel like you’re reading an old history book. El Cayito is not your regular history blog. It’s full of interesting and little known facts. They didn’t teach much of the stuff he writes about in school, or at least they didn’t give us the real version of what happened. He has done his research though, so I know it’s true.

My brother has been reading, doing research and writing for over two years now and I know all his friends, family and followers he already has on his blog are all looking forward to reading more of his stuff. So check out his blog, El Cayito, instagram (@el_cayito) and Facebook page (ElCayito), to stay updated on what he’s doing.

*His book, stories and blog are all in Spanish right now.


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