I have spent the last few days checking the shipping status for my brother’s book of short stories, Ramitas, to get here. This is a collection of short stories in Spanish inspired by his upcoming novel Mangle. It got here a day late but it’s finally here!

It was really annoying seeing everybody receiving it before me. I heard my family and friends saying they got it but mine still didn’t get here. They all got theirs in a week, maybe two, while mine took three, but who cares? I got it today and I can start reading tonight. I can’t wait to read the stories I have heard him talking about for more than a year.

I don’t think these stories could have been published at a better time. I think we’re all looking for something to take our minds off the coronavirus. We all need something to entertain us while we spend all day, every day at home. I really want something to read before going to sleep and help fall asleep thinking about something other than the virus or what I’m going to do at home the next day.


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