Remember that treadmill I mentioned not that long ago that we wanted? Well, my mom and I found it yesterday. We walked into Sam’s Club and there it was waiting for us; it was exactly what we wanted, a good price, small and foldable and a well known brand. I even looked it up on google and it had good reviews, it was perfect.

But we didn’t buy it immediately, buying a treadmill is not something you just buy, we had to think and talk about it, buying it comes a few hours later. After my parents and I talked about it and agreed on it, my stepdad and I went back to Sam’s to get it. The treadmill was still there, no one bought it in the three hours it took to make the decision.

Everything was going great at the store, the treadmill was there, they helped us put it in the cart and it ended up being cheaper then we thought, until we got to the car. Now I’m going to have to back up a little and talk about what happened at home before we left. My parents were deciding what car we would take, the red one or the blue one. The blue car is bigger but the red one was blocking it in the driveway. If we took the blue one we would have to move the cars and I didn’t feel like doing that, even though I wouldn’t be doing anything, I just didn’t want to wait so I said the red one was fine. José knew it wouldn’t fit but he didn’t want to argue with me anymore, so we took the red one.

When we got to the car I realized the box was too big to fit in the car. José should have just said “I told you so”, but he’s a good man. If the tables were turned I know I would have said I told you so.

We knocked down the back seats and pushed the front seats forward as much as we could to get as much of the box in as we could, but the trunk door still didn’t close. At that point I was thinking we would have to get the other car, but José had a much easier solution, which made me very nervous. He said he had done that before and it was getting late so I didn’t argue. Besides my argument was what got us into this mess in the first place.

We left the box just like it was and closed the door as much as we could, then he made the door stay as closed by tying  a short bungee cord from the trunk door to the back of the car. He had to make sure the door was as closed as it could so the box wouldn’t fall out.

I spent most of the ride home checking to see that the box was still there, sometimes trying to hold on to it but that was useless because it didn’t move even a little bit.

After the box survived the trip home, which was short and luckily there was no traffic, we had to get it inside the house, with no big cart and two dogs next to us barking at the box. We have a smaller cart so José used that to get it to the house and once it was inside we dragged it through the floor to the room.

Then we had to assemble it (when I say we I mean José), which looked easier that I thought it would be.

There were confusing things, like how to turn it on after everything was put together but between the three of us we were able to get it working and I immediately used it, just for five minutes because I wanted to go to sleep, but I gave it a test run.

Then this morning I really used it, I walked and ran for half an hour.

Running was harder than I remembered but I guess it’s just been too long, like three years. I think I need to start running like I did six years ago; I walked the whole time then tried to run at the end. First I was able to run for one minute or two, then slowly increased. When I was more comfortable I started running earlier in the work out and the time came when I was able to run for ten minutes or more. I can’t do that anymore because that was when I went to the gym five days a week. Doing YouTube videos at home will never compare to that, especially when you don’t do it everyday.

So today was the first day of what I hope will be the start of a much healthier lifestyle. Let’s see if tomorrow I can wake up early too.


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