After two months in quarantine I went back to work on Monday and things are a lot different than they were two months ago. There are less people around but those few of us are still distancing from each other, wearing masks, constantly cleaning and washing our hands or using hand sanitizer.

While it feels weird being out wearing a mask and seeing others wearing theirs too, we are each doing what we can to regain a little bit of normalcy in our lives but still making the necessary adjustments to stay safe and keep others safe.

I struggled with the masks during the first two days but it wasn’t me, it was them. The masks I thought were one size fits all are too big for me but yesterday I got a smaller one which fits perfectly. Now I feel more safe and comfortable, even if I’m still getting used to wearing it.

I know this is not going back to normal anytime soon, even though we all wish it would, but hopefully after this will come a new normal, a better normal.


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