My family seems to worry every time I say something that starts with the phrase “so, I’ve been thinking…” This phrase is sometimes followed by something random I’ve been wondering about that really shouldn’t worry anybody; it’s just a question. Then there are the times that I’ve come up with a change I want to make in my apartment and I usually need help for these changes.

Right now I’m the only one who uses the “gym” in their house, which includes the treadmill and stationary bike, so I thought it made more sense to have them in my house. I thought the treadmill might be too big so it had to stay where it was and it easily holds a tablet so I really didn’t need a TV but I thought we could move the bicycle so I can watch TV while I use it. Maybe if I watch TV while I’m using it, time will go by faster and maybe I’ll use it more.

Yesterday I told them and they surprisingly went with the idea and let me move the bicycle right away. I moved it around a little trying to find the perfect spot and I even bought a fan I could place near me when I am using it.

I thought that was it until my stepdad said the treadmill could fit in here. We moved some things around, he brought over the treadmill and now I really have my own private home gym!

Not only do I have a treadmill, bicycle and a new fan but I also have a few weights, an exercise ball, resistance bands and a yoga mat. I think that’s everything and more than I need and asked for.


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